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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our PhD graduates

We are proud of our many wonderful PhD graduates who are working in many places within academia and beyond. Here are the most recent ones.

  • Jonathan Hoseana (graduated 2019)
    Thesis: The Mean-Median Map
    Supervisor: Franco Vivaldi
    Currently: Lecturer, School of Applied STEM, Prasetiya Mulya University, Indonesia
  • Griffin Williams (graduated 2019)
    Thesis: Dynamical Systems with Chaotic Noise and Superstatistical Fluctuations
    Supervisor: Christian Beck
    Currently: Investment Quantitative Analyst at Nedgroup Investments
  • Fairuz Alwani (graduated 2018)
    Thesis: Nonlinear Resonances Over a Discrete Space
    Supervisor: Franco Vivaldi
    Currently: Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, Malaysia
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