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The members of the group publish about 20-40 papers each year, a detailed list of publications for the period 2013-2015 is given below. Publications prior to 2013 can be found here. In total, the published papers and books of the group members have received more than 20000 citations.  

List of publications 2013-2018 

Recent preprints

Pulications 2018

  • B. Schaefer, C. Beck, K. Aihara, D. Witthaut, and M. Timme, Non-Gaussian power grid frequency fluctuations characterized by Levy-stable laws and superstatistics, Nature Energy, 3, 119-126 (2018)
  • P. Jizba, J. Korbel, H. Lavicka, M. Proks, V. Svoboda, and C. Beck, Transitions between superstatistical regimes: Validity, breakdown and applications, Physica A 493, 29 (2018)
  • G.C. Yalcin and C. Beck, Generalized statistical mechanics of cosmic rays: Application to positron-electron spectral indices, Scientific Reports 8, 1764 (2018)
  • J. Roberts, G. Popli and R. J. Harris, Do environmental concerns affect commuting choices?: hybrid choice modelling with household survey data, J. R. Stat. Soc. A 181, 299 (2018)
  • R. Klages, Search for food of birds, fish and insects, invited book chapter in: A.Bunde, J.Caro, J.Kaerger, G.Vogl (Eds.), Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society. (Springer, Berlin, 2018), p.49-69; ISBN 978-3-319-67798-9
  • C. J. Bradly, A. L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Universality of crossover scaling for the adsorption transition of lattice polymers, Phys. Rev. E 97 (2018) 022503
  • A. Narros, A. L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Anomalous polymer collapse winding angle distributions, J. Phys. A 51 (2018) 114001
  • T. J. Oliveira, W. G. Dantas, T. Prellberg and J. F. Stilck, Solution of semi-flexible self-avoiding trails on a Husimi lattice built with squares, J. Phys. A 51 (2018) 054001

Pulications 2017

Pulications 2016

Pulications 2015

  • O.F. Bandtlow and A. Gueven, Explicit upper bounds for the spectral distance of two trace class operators, Linear Algebra Appl. 466, 329 (2015)
  • K. Kosta, O.F. Bandtlow, and E. Chew, A change-point approach towards representing musical dynamics, in: T. Collins et al. (eds) MCM2015, LNAI 9110, 1 (2015)
  • K. Kosta, R. Ramirez, O. Bandtlow, E. Chew, Predicting loudness levels and classifying dynamic markings in recorded music. In Proceedings of 8th International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music (MML2015), Machine Learning for Music Generation, Vancouver (2015).
  • A. Cairoli and A. Baule, Langevin formulation of a subdiffusive continuous-time random walk in physical time(link is external), Phys. Rev. E 92, 012102 (2015).
  • W. Lie, S. Li, A. Baule, and H.A. Makse, Adhesive loose packings of small particles(link is external), Soft matter 11 (2015) 6492.
  • A. Cairoli and A. Baule, Anomalous processes with general waiting times: functionals and multi-point structure(link is external), Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 110601 (2015)
  • P. Rabassa and C. Beck, Superstatistical analysis of sealevel fluctuations, Physica A 417, 18 (2015)
  • G. Akram and C. Beck, Hierarchical cascade model leading to 7th-order initial value problem, Appl. Num. Math 91, 89 (2015)
  • C. Beck, Axion mass estimates from resonant Josephson junctions, Phys. Dark Universe 7-8, 6 (2015)
  • Yan V. Fyodorov, Dmitry V. Savin, Resonance width distribution in RMT: Weak coupling regime beyond Porter-Thomas, Europhys. Lett. Volume 110, 40006 (2015)
  • Yan V. Fyodorov, André Nock, On Random Matrix Averages Involving Half-Integer Powers of GOE Characteristic Polynomials, J Stat Phys, Volume 159, Issue 4, Pages 731-751 (2015)
  • Yan Fyodorov, Olivier Giraud, High values of disorder-generated multifractals and logarithmically correlated processes, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 74, 15-26 (2015)
  • Yan Fyodorov, Antonio Lerario, Erik Lundberg, On the number of connected components of random algebraic hypersurfaces, J. Geom. Phys., Volume 95, Pages 1-20 (2015)
  • Yan V. Fyodorov, Anthony Perret, and Gregory Schehr, Large time zero temperature dynamics of the spherical p=2-spin model of finite size(link is external), J. Stat. Mech. 11 P11017 (2015)
  • R.J. Harris, Random walkers with extreme value memory: modelling the peak-end rule, New J. Phys. 17, 053049 (2015)
  • R.J. Harris, Fluctuations in interacting particle systems with memory(link is external), J. Stat. Mech. P07021 (2015)
  • M. Cavallaro, R.J. Mondragon, and R.J. Harris,Temporally correlated zero-range process with open boundaries: steady state and fluctuations(link is external),Phys. Rev. E 92, 022137 (2015)
  • M. Maitland, S. Grosskinsky and R. J. Harris, Large deviation analysis of a simple information engine(link is external), Phys. Rev. E92, 052136 (2015).
  • L. Salari, L. Rondoni, C. Gilberti, R. Klages, A simple non-chaotic map generating subdiffusive, diffusive, and superdiffusive dynamics, Chaos 25, 073113/1-11 (2015)
  • C. H. Joyner and U. Smilansky, Spectral statistics of Bernoulli matrix ensembles: a random walk approach (I), J. Phys. A: Math. and Theor. , Vol. 48, No. 25 (2015)
  • P. Dieterich, R. Klages, and A.V. Chechkin, Fluctuation relations for anomalous dynamics generated by time-fractional Fokker-Plack equations, New J. Phys. 17, 075004/1-14 (2015)
  • N. Haug and T. Prellberg, Uniform asymptotics of area-weighted Dyck paths, J. Math. Phys. 56, 043301 (2015)
  • J. Krawczyk, A.L. Owczarek, and T. Prellberg, A semi-flexible attracting segment model of three-dimensional  polymer collapse, Physica A 431, 74 (2015)
  • P.R.G. Mortimer and T. Prellberg, On the number of walks in a triangular domain, Electron. J. Combinat. 22, P1.64 (2015)
  • E. Dagrosa, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Writhe-induced knotting in a lattice polymer, J. Phys. A 48, 065002 (2015)
  • C. Marschler, J. Sieber, P. Hjorth, and J. Starke,  Equation-Free Analysis of Macroscopic Behavior in Traffic and Pedestrian Flow. Pages 423-439 in M. Chraibi, M. Boltes, A. Schadschneider, A. Seyfried, (Eds.): Traffic and Granular Flow 13. Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg, New York (2015).
  • F. Schilder, E. Bureau, I. Santos, J. Thomsen, and J. Starke, Experimental Bifurcation Analysis: Continuation for Noise-Contaminated Zero Problems, Journal of Sound and Vibration 358, 251-266 (2015).
  • C. Marschler.,J. Starke, M.P. Sørensen.,Y. Gaididei, and P.L. Christiansen, Pattern formation in annular systems of repulsive particles, Physics Letters A 380, 166-170 (2015).
  • H. Reeve-Black and F. Vivaldi, Asymptotics in a family of linked strip maps, Physica D 290, 57 (2015)
  • J.A.G.R. Roberts and F. Vivaldi, Arithmetic exponents for piecewise-affine planar maps(link is external), Physica D 298 (2015)
  • T. Jüngling, I. Fischer, E. Schöll, and W. Just; Synchronisation of heterogeneous oscillators by non-invasive time delayed cross-coupling, Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 194101.

Publications 2014

  • R. Villavicencio-Sanchez, R.J. Harris and H. Touchette, Fluctuation relations for anisotropic systems, EPL 105, 30009 (2014)
  • D. Khoromskaia, R.J. Harris, and S.W. Grosskinsky, Dynamics of non-Markovian exclusion processes, J. Stat. Mech. P12013 (2014)
  • F. Vivaldi, Mathematical Writing, Springer, London (2014)
  • G. M. Schütz, R. J. Harris and A. Rákos, Fluctuation theorems for stochastic interacting particle systems, Markov Processes and Related Fields 20, 3 (2014)
  • P. Rabassa and C. Beck, Extreme value laws for superstatistics, Entropy 16, 5523 (2014)
  • S. Miah and C. Beck, Lagrangian quantum turbulence model based on alternating superfluid/normal fluid stochastic dynamics, EPL 108, 40004 (2014)
  • S. Groote, H. Veermae, and C. Beck, Renormalization aspects of chaotic strings, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 532, 012008 (2014)
  • P.R.G Mortimer and T. Prellberg, A Bijection on Dyck Paths, Australas. J. Combinat. 59, 72 (2014)
  • A. Bedini, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Lattice polymers with two competing interactions, J. Phys. A 47, 145002 (2014)
  • A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Pressure exerted by a vesicle on a surface, J. Phys. A 47, 215001 (2014)
  • A. Baule and H. Makse, Fundamental challenges in the packing problem: from sperical to non-sperical particles, Soft Matter 10, 4423 (2014)
  • C.S. Rodrigues, A.V. Chechkin, A.P.S. de Moura, C. Grebogi, and R. Klages, Diffusion in randomly perturbed dissipative dynamics, EPL 108, 40002 (2014)
  • O.F. Bandtlow, O. Jenkinson, and M. Pollicott, Periodic points, escape rates and escape measures, in: W. Bahsoun, C. Bose, G. Froyland (eds), Ergodic Theory, Open Dynamics, and Coherent Structures, Springer, New York, pp 41-58 (2014)
  • O.F. Bandtlow and O. Jenkinson, Eigenvalues of transfer operators for dynamical systems with holes, in: W. Bahsoun, C. Bose, G. Froyland (eds), Ergodic Theory, Open Dynamics, and Coherent Structures, Springer, New York, pp 31-39 (2014)
  • K. Kosta, O. Bandtlow, E. Chew, Practical Implications of Dynamic Markings in the Score: Is piano always piano? In Proceedings of the 53rd Audio Engineering Society (AES) Meeting on Semantic Audio, Jan 26-29, London, UK. (2014).
  • K. Kosta, O. Bandtlow and E. Chew, A Study of Score Context-dependent Dynamics in Piano Performance. In Proceedings of the Performance Studies Network International Conference (PSN3), Jul 17-20, Cambridge, UK. (2014)
  • Y. Chen and W. Just: First-passage time of Brownian motion with dry friction, Phys Rev. E 89 (2014) 022103.
  • Y. Chen and W. Just: On large deviation properties of Brownian motion with dry friction, Phys Rev. E 90 (2014) 042101.
  • P. M. Geffert, A. Zakharova, A. Vüllings, W.Just, and E. Schöll: Modulating coherence resonance in non-excitable systems by time-delayed feedback, Eur. J. Phys. B 87(2014) 291.

Publications 2013 

  • A Baule, R. Mari, L. Bo, L. Portal, and H.A. Makse, Mean field theory of random close packings of axisymmetric particles, Nature Commun. 4, 1294 (2013)
  • L. Portal, M. Danisch, A. Baule, R. Mari, and H.A. Makse, Calculation of the Voronoi boundary for lens-shaped particles and spherocylinders, J. Stat. Mech. P1109 (2013)
  • A. Baule and P. Sollich, Rectification of asymmetric surface vibrations with dry friction: An exactly solvable model, Phys. Rev. E 87,  032112 (2013)
  • C. Beck, Possible resonance effect of axionic dark matter in Josephson junctions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 231801 (2013)
  • G.C. Yalcin and C. Beck, Environmental Superstatistics, Physica A 392 5431 (2013)
  • S. Groote, H. Veermae, and C. Beck, Renormalization group approach to chaotic strings, Chaos Sol. Fractals 53, 18 (2013)
  • C. Beck and S. Miah, Statistics of Lagrangian quantum turbulence, Phys Rev. E 87, 031002(R) (2013)
  • R.J. Harris, V. Popkov and G.M. Schütz, Dynamics of instantaneous condensation in the ZRP conditioned on an atypical current,   Entropy 15, 5065 (2013)
  • F.Lenz, A.V.Chechkin, R.Klages, Constructing a stochastic model of bumblebee flights from experimental data, PLoS ONE 8 e59036/1-7 (2013)
  • R.Klages, Weak chaos, infinite ergodic theory, and anomalous dynamics, book chapter in: X.Leoncini and M.Leonetti (Eds.), From Hamiltonian Chaos to Complex Systems (Springer, Berlin, July 2013), p.3-42
  • R.Klages, A.V.Chechkin, P.Dieterich, Anomalous fluctuation relations, book chapter in: R.Klages, W.Just, C.Jarzynski (Editors), Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Small Systems (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, February 2013), p.259-282
  • R. Klages, W. Just, C. Jarzynski (Editors), Nonequilibrium statistical physics of small systems: Fluctuation relations and beyond (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, February 2013)
  • A. Bedini, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Weighting of topologically different interactions in a model of two-dimensional polymer collapse, Phys. Rev. E 87, 012142 (2013)
  • A. Bedini, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Semi-flexible interacting self-avoiding trails on the square lattice, Physica A 392, 1602 (2013)
  • A. Bedini, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Self-avoiding trails with nearest neighbour interactions on the square lattice, J. Phys. A 46, 085001 (2013)
  • A. Bedini, A.L. Owczarek and T. Prellberg, Numerical simulation of a lattice polymer model at its integrable point, J. Phys. A 46,  265003 (2013)
  • E. J. Janse van Rensburg and T. Prellberg, The pressure of adsorbing directed lattice paths and staircase polygons,' J. Phys. A 46,  115202 (2013)
  • H. Reeve-Black and F. Vivaldi, Near-integrable behaviour in a family of discretised rotations, (link is external) Nonlinearity 26,  1227 (2013)
  • J. Slipantschuk, O. Bandtlow, and W. Just, On the relation between Lyapunov exponents and exponential decay of correlations, J. Phys. A. 46, 075101 (2013)
  • J. Slipantschuk, O.F. Bandtlow, and W. Just; Analytic expanding circle maps with explicit spectra, Nonlinearity 26, 3231 (2013)
  • J. Slipantschuk, O.F. Bandtlow, and W. Just; On correlation decay in low-dimensional systems, EPL 104, 20004 (2013)
  • H. Touchette and R. J. Harris, Large deviation approach to nonequilibrium systems, chapter for book [R. Klages, W. Just, C. Jarzynski (Eds.), Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Small Systems: Fluctuation Relations and Beyond (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim) (2013); ISBN 978-3-527-41094-1)].
  • Y. Chen, A. Baule, H. Touchette, and W. Just; Weak-noise limit of a piecewise-smooth stochastic differential equation, Phys. Rev. E 88, 052103 (2013) 
  • T. Prellberg, Rare event sampling with stochstic growth algorithm, EPJ Web of Conferences 44, 01001 (2013)