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School of Mathematical Sciences

Mr Tom Roberts

Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


Tom Roberts is a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London under supervisor Thomas Prellberg. He is conducting research on the statistical mechanics of polymer systems. Specifically, he is designing algorithms to count the different ways a polymer can be oriented in space using Monte Carlo techniques. Tom's research has the potential to contribute to the field of materials science and engineering, where polymer systems are commonly used. There is also overlap with current open problems from combinatorics and theoretical physics.

Prior to starting his PhD studies Tom worked as a Software Engineer at small fintech in the city, and before that as an Operations Engineer and Systems Architect at a Berkshire-based telephony company.


Spring 2022

  • MTH5001 - Introduction to Computer Programming

Autumn 2022

  • MTH4114 - Computing and Data Analysis with Excel
  • MTH785P - Programming for Business Analytics

Spring 2023

  • MTH782 - SAS for Business Intelligence
  • MTH6139 - Time Series




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