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School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Maryam Hosseini


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-202, desk 13


Maryam Hosseini is a postdoctoral research associate at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research area is dynamical systems and ergodic theory, more specifically dynamics on Cantor sets, with the application of operator algebras into it. This topic is in close relation with symbolic dynamic.

She got her PhD in Iran at University of Guilan. After that she held several postdoctoral positions consecutively at Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun-Poland, University of Ottawa-Canada, University of Santiago-Chile, Universidad de Chile, Institute for research in fundamental sciences (IPM)-Iran and The Open University at Milton Keynes-UK. Her appointment at Queen Mary started on November 2022 and is for two years. 

She is currently working on Topological factoring of zero-dimensional dynamical systems and its connections to operator algebras as well as dynamical properties of the two systems such as continuous spectrum. Dimension group and Kakutani-Rokhlin towers are the main tools she uses to know more about the topic.


  •  Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of Symbolic Dynamics (graduate course),
    Joint with F. Durand and S. Petite, IPM-Tehran, Fall 2020. (Online english
  •  Some Topics in Ergodic Theory (graduate course), Joint with M. Nassiri,
    H. Rajabzadeh, IPM- Tehran, Fall 2019.
  •  Linear Algebra, University of Ottawa, Canada, Winter 2015.
  •  Calculus and Vectors, University of Ottawa, Canada, 2013-2014.
  •  Calculus 1- 2, Engineering School, Khaje Nasir University of Tehran, Iran,
  •  Calculus 1-2, Engineering School, University of Guilan, Iran,
  •  Differential Geometry, Department of Mathematics, Alzahra University of
    Tehran, Iran, 2008.



  • N. Golestani, M. Hosseini,  and H. Yahya Oghli, Topological Factoring of zero-dimensional dynamical systems, arXiv:2307.01156v2.
  • N. Golestani, M. Hosseini, On Topological Ranks of Factors of Cantor Minimal Systems, Ergod. Th. & Dynam. Sys., Volume 42, Issue 9, (2022), 2866-2889.
  • T. Giordano, D. Handleman, M. Hosseini, Orbit Equivalence of Cantor  Minimal Systems and Their Continuous Spectra, Mathematische Zeitschrift289(2018) no. 3-4, 1199–1218.
  • J. Aaronson, M. Hosseini, M. Lemanczyck, IP-rigidity and Eigen value  Groups, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical SystemsVolume 04, Issue 04, (2014) 1057-1076.
  • P. Oprocha, D. Ahmadi dastjerdi, M. Hosseini, On partial shadowing of complete pseudo-orbits, Journal of Math. Anal. and Apl. 411, Issue 1, (2014) 454-463.
  • D. Ahmadi Dastjerdi, M. Hosseini, Sub-Shadowing, Nonlinear Analysis,72 (2010) 3759-3766.
  • D. Ahmadi Dastjerdi, M. Hosseini, Shadowing with Chain Transitivity, Topology and its Applications, 156 (2009) 2193–2195.


  • Hamed Yahya Oghli, PhD thesis, Topological Factoring of Cantor systems with
    Decisive Bratteli-Vershik realizations. Co-supervising with Nasser Golestani from Tarbiat
    Modarres University of Tehran, started in January 2023.
  • Jake Sudbery, Dimension Groups, Student Research Bursary, June-September 2022.
  •  Maryam Babakhani, master dissertation. Dimension Groups in Dynamical Systems,
    Co-supervised by Dawoud Ahmadi Dastjerdi from University of Guilan, thesis defended in
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