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Postgraduate Research Students

There are more than 150 postgraduate law research students registered in the School of Law.

View the profiles of some of our current research students to see their research topics, supervisors and working titles.

NameThesisResearch area
Ahmed M. El Far

Abuse of Rights in International Arbitration

Aleksandar Ivanovski State Aid Law, Taxation, EU Law, EU and UK Tax Policy
Aleksandra Jolkina

Till Residence Card Do Us Part? Marriages of Convenience and EU Free Movement Law: the Case of Ireland

Asylum and immigration law, European Union law, European criminal law, criminal law and criminal justice, comparative law, family law, human rights
Ali Zbeeb

Suggesting a Legal Framework to Construct the Arab Economic Union Post 'Arab Spring'

Amy Corcoran

'Protesting the Borders but on the Borders of Protest: Art Activism as Resistance to State Crime'

State crime
Andreas Marcou

A Republican Justification of Civil Disobedience

Angeliki Papantoniou

Addressing the vulnerability of children's health against environmental threats in international and regional law. Evaluating pathways of protection in Europe

Anna Howard

Listening to the disputants: fostering the use of EU cross-border commercial mediation in a manner which is responsive to disputants’ needs.

Aphrodite Yiasemi
Bruno Simoes

Contribution towards the tax harmonisation of investment-linked life assurance policies in the European Union (working title)

EU Tax Law
Camille Joly
Ceren Mutus Toprakseven

Shared Responsibility in the context of Extraterritorialised/Privatised Migration Controls

Immigration Law
Daniel Hogers Fact Patterns in Findings of Crimes against Humanity in International Criminal Law
David Andrew Foster

Trusts: Theory, Doctrine and Practice 1825 - 1865

Dominique Mystris

African Justice Mechanisms and their contribution to international criminal justice and peace and security

International criminal law, public international law, transnational law
Fabio Giuffrida

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office: a New Model of Criminal Justice and its Impact on National Systems

Felicity Turton
Foivi Sofia Mouzakiti Financial surveillance in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in the EU: The case of the Financial Intelligence Units.
Gloria Alvarez

The functioning of EU Law in the Energy Charter Treaty.

Hélène le Nobel

Regulation of Civil Drone Usage in the European Union (working title)

Jenny Knox

The use of legal mobilisation by the anti-austerity social movement in England and Wales

Jingzhao Fan
Jonas Bley

The UN Model Tax Convention - tax treaties with developing countries

Justine Noelle Stefanelli

Due Process and the Criminalisation of Immigration in the UK and the US (working title)

Katharine Theresa Weatherhead

Unravelling Mediterranean migration: legal and political knowledge creation and diffusion among asylum seekers, refugees and migrants

Immigration law
Kathryn Allinson

Causing Forced Displacement: An Inquiry into 'Displacing Third State' Responsibility

Ksenia Bakina
Maja Grundler
Mariia Tymofiienko Economic functions of a trade mark: legal analysis Trade mark law, competition law, marketing
Marta Minetti
Mohammad Hazrati

Sustainable Use of Oil and Gas Resources: A Comparative Study of Iran, Canada and Malaysia

Natalie Corthesy International Intellectual Property Protection of Country Names - Balancing Nation Brands and Geographic Commons in a Competitive Global Marketplace Intellectual Property law
Nicolette Busuttil
Paul Jennings
Paula Westenberger

Copyright and freedom of creative expression: a comparative human rights approach to creativity

Copyright law, Human rights, Freedom of expression, Creative industries, Brazilian Law
Prince Uche Amadi
Rachel Maguire

What are the effects of anonymity and pseudonymity on copyright law’s relevance and adequacy for online creative communities?

Copyright law
Rimantas Daujotas
Salvatore Fasciana
Santiago Wortman Jofre

Doctrines of Complicity and Criminal Networks: A Comparative Study of Argentina and England (provisional title)

Sarah Court-Brown
Satya Talwar Mouland

An Inquiry on International Arbitral Authority: Common Principles of Enforcement Jurisdiction

Stephan Buck Virtual Worlds – Virtual Governance Media law, internet law, information technology, privacy and data protection, Telecommunications, Electronic commerce, Communications law
Kelvin Ying Yew Sum Copyright law, policy jurisprudence and theory; trade marks law and policy; Internet law; socio-economic impact of technology on Intellectual Property.
Tatjana Nikitina Regulation of over-the-counter derivatives in the European Union Banking and Finance Law
Tedd Moya Mose
Thaddeus Manu The Impact of WTO/TRIPS Agreement on Local Production of Essential Pharmaceuticals and the Supply of APIs for Public Health Protection in Africa Intellectual property law, Patent law, Trade Mark law, Copyright law
Vassilis Paliouras 'International Principles of Sovereign Insolvency' International Economic/Financial Law
William Linton Re-describing the limits of discrimination law from the perspective of modern systems theory
Xue Feng

Corporate Liability Towards Tort Victims in Personal Injury Context

Tort liability of corporate groups