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School of Law

Maciej Padamczyk


PhD Student


Thesis Title

‘Determining the adequate degree of legal protection for emerging biotechnologies: developing new eligibility criteria and morality-based exclusions for patent protection of emerging biotech-nologies’


A lawyer with extensive academic experience. I have provided legal research for complex public sector academic projects, including the Ukrainian IP Court project at Queen Mary and the Polish government’s project implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons (see here).

Academic interests include Intellectual Property, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Bioethics. I have published papers in esteemed law journals.


Queen Mary Law Journal

  • Essay entitled Double Modality of Patent Claims, discussing the philosophical approach towards claim construction in the UK (see here)

Parliamentary Review of Poland (Przegląd Sejmowy), Polish Parliament's official journal

  • Judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in the case Canada v Bedford on constitutional pro-tection for sex workers (elaboration and translation; see here, p. 6 and 248)
  • Judgment of the Constitutional Court of South Africa in the case South African Police Service v Solidarity obo Barnard on affirmative policies in public institutions (elaboration and transla-tion; see here, p. 6 and 191)


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