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School of Law

Sarah Court-Brown


PhD Student



Thesis title

Mapping Equality in the UK Constitution (working title).


Professor Kate Malleson, Professor Lizzie Barmes, Dr Mario Mendez

Summary of research

The aim of Sarah’s thesis is to map equality within the UK constitution, against the usual view that equality is not a constitutional principle. The hypothesis behind her research is that equality plays multiple, overlapping roles within the UK constitution. Sarah aims to assist scholars and practitioners to understand equality and the UK constitution better. If her research hypothesis is proven, this may also entail the maintenance of certain equality protections as a matter of UK constitutional law going forwards, which could prove significant when the UK equality framework is reconsidered after Brexit, assuming Britain does leave the EU. 


Sarah has practical experience of fighting equality and constitutional law cases – she previously practised public law as a solicitor at Baker & McKenzie, DAC Beachcroft and Bates Wells Braithwaite.


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