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School of Law

Clementina Salvi


PhD Student






Clementina graduated in Law from Università degli Studi Roma Tre (5-year degree long cycle) with honors in 2017 and completed an LLM in Criminal Justice from Queen Mary University of London with distinction in 2019.

From November 2017 until September 2018, she worked in a law firm based in Milan specialised in financial crimes, environmental crimes and corporate criminal liability. From January 2020, she has been working in a law firm focusing on post-conviction criminal litigation and Human Rights.

In September 2020, Clementina joined the School of Law at Queen Mary University as a PhD candidate. Her broad area of research concerns the impact of Artificial intelligence on criminal justice systems; the research project specifically focuses on the issues related to the advancement of deep fakes technology. She is a recipient of Graduated Teaching Assistantship provided by the School of Law.

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