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Foundations Pre-Sessional Programme. Course Aims, Structure and Content

Programme Aims, Structure and Content

The Foundations Pre-Sessional Programme develops English language skills for academic study, and offers a stimulating academic experience delivered by a teaching team that is committed to making sure that you complete the course successfully.


The Foundations Pre-Sessional Programme:


  • develops your English language for academic purposes, enabling you to become more confident in your use of English in a higher education environment;
  • develops your study skills so that you can meet the requirements of your International Foundation or Pre-Masters Programme;
  • develops your autonomy as a learner, so that you can undertake independent study and research and
  • introduces you to the UK, Central London, the College, and your new life in your new environment.



This 9 week programme consists of a weekly timetable of 24.5 hours of high quality tuition, comprising 18 hours of classes, which includes 2 hours of tutorials/guided independent study with your teacher; 2.5 hours of lectures and 4 hours of independent study.

Classes start every morning at 9:30, and students are expected to work until 4:00 each afternoon. Each class lasts one hour.

Students are expected to do 10 hours of independent study outside of the course each week. Maximum class size is 18, although our average class size is 16. 


The content of the course will improve your grammatical knowledge and expand your vocabulary. You will also see improvement in all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This will prepare you to better engage with academic study on your intended Foundation programme. In addition, you will develop your study skills, and attend academic lectures to improve your note-taking techniques. Moreover, the speaking classes will aim to improve your pronunciation while you take part in discussions, so that you are better equipped to participate in seminars.

Independent study is a vital part of the learning process at university in the UK. We therefore organise regular independent study sessions each week. During this time you may be given work by your tutor or work on your own projects. You will also have at least one individual tutorial with your tutor each week. In tutorials, you can discuss feedback on your work, receive guidance and discuss your progress.

Particular features of the course are:

  • Regular reading of newspapers: we encourage you to read the newspapers regularly to build up your vocabulary and background knowledge about the UK.
  • Discussing current affairs and issues: we want you to develop a lively interest in the world around you and so each week we have discussions on topical issues.
  • Personal tutorials with your teacher: each week you can meet your teacher to talk over any questions you may have about your course or stay in London.