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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Dr Zahid Naz, Ph.D., DELTA, CELTA


Lecturer in Academic and Professional Education. Programme Director.

Room Number: Bancroft Building 1.28


Dr. Zahid Naz is lecturer in Academic and Professional Education at Queen Mary, University of London. Prior to this he worked in Further and Higher Education in various teaching and management positions for 15 years. He has taught internationally on pre-service and in-service Teacher Education programmes. His research interests concern Complexity, Foucauldian discourse analysis and discursive practices in post compulsory education.


Postgraduate Teaching

EAL7213: Research Methods in Language Teaching.

EAL7214: Assessment in English Language Teaching.


Research Interests:

My research interests concern Complexity, Foucauldian discourse analysis and discursive practices in post compulsory education.



2023 Politics of Quality Improvement in English Further Education. Switzerland: Springer


2023 “The ‘Calculated management of life and All that Jazz: Gaming Quality Assurance Practices in English Further Education” Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Polictics of Education.

2021 “Analysing Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework through a Foucauldian lens’. Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 1-22”

Online Publications

2023 ‘Under pressure: inspection regimes and the institutionalisation of failure’. Available at:

2021 ‘FE’s educational ethos is being overshadowed by market logic’. Available at:

2021 Powerful knowledge? Challenging neoliberal trends in FE policy and practice’. Available at:

Outputs in progress

Article Beyond compliance: unpicking the complexity of teaching practices and transversality of hierarchies. Journal of Education Policy

Article The (dis)placed teacher: reshaping identity, compliance and resistance. International Journal of Lifelong Education

Article Backyard ethnography: researching the interplay between education policy and teaching practices in a complex workplace, Sage Research Methods Case Studies

Public Engagement

Selected conference presentations

2023 “Complexity and transversality in teaching of FE.” 6th International Academic Conference on Education Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

2023 “Foundations for Success in the U. International Baccalaureate | IB Global University Admissions Conference.

2021 “Investigating Quality Assurance Systems in Education : the case of FE”, The 9th European Conference on Education, UCL, Institute of Education, London

2019 “The position of English as Lingua Franca and it implications for English Language Teaching”, EFL Leadership Summit & Education Forum, Higher School of Linguistics, Moscow, Russia

2019 “Sustaining the neoliberal ideology: modes of regulation, control and evaluation in

FE inspection policy’. 13th JVET international conference, 28th – 30th June, Keble College, University of Oxford

2018 “Behind the scene: governmentality reconfigured in FE’. 3rd ARPCE International Conference Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford

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