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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Martin Barge, BA (Hons), MEd, SFHEA


Multimedia Language Resource Centre Manager. Senior Lecturer in Languages E-Learning

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8055
Room Number: Bancroft Building, 1.36b
Office Hours: By appointment


After training as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I spent fifteen happy years teaching English in Turkey, Spain and London, during which time I began to develop an interest in computer-assisted language learning (CALL), an interest that led me to take a Master's degree in Educational Technology and English Language Teaching, at the University of Manchester School of Education.

I joined Queen Mary, as Technical Director of the Language Centre (subsequently, Multimedia Language Resource Centre Manager), in September 2007. The Multimedia Language Resource Centre is a facility within the Language Centre that provides computer-assisted language learning resources for the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film.

My roles and responsibilities include: directing and developing the use of technologies for language learning, ensuring that the computer facilities and applications are fully functional, and providing training and support for language teachers and learners. Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Undergraduate Teaching

SML209: Computers and Languages

EAL6011: Languages in the Classroom 1: Theoretical Approaches to Teaching

COM605: Constellations Online Anthology Group Project

Postgraduate Teaching

EAL7208: Multimedia Materials Development

EAL7209: Teaching English in Professional and Academic Settings



Investigating an open methodology for designing domain-specific language collections. Fitzgerald, A., Wu, S., & Barge, M. (2014). In S. Jager, L. Bradley, E. J. Meima, & S. Thouësny (Eds), CALL Design: Principles and Practice; Proceedings of the 2014 EUROCALL Conference, Groningen, The Netherlands (pp. 88-95). Dublin: doi:10.14705/rpnet.2014.000200

The Business Advanced Teacher's Book. Martin Barge, William Tweddle and Paul Emmerson (2009). Macmillan.

Teaching Techniques for Multimedia Language Labs - Final Report. Martin Barge (2009). Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning. [Available here (pdf)]

Aviation English CD-ROM. Barge, M. and Tweddle, W. (with Emery, H. and Roberts A.) (2008). Macmillan.

Conference Papers

2023: ChatGPT: Threat or Opportunity? How should we respond? Language Centre Learning & Teaching Conference 2023, Queen Mary University of London.

2018: Does technology serve to liberate EAP practitioners, or enslave us? Martin Barge. Language Centre 5th CPD Conference 2018, Queen Mary University of London.

2015. Setting a Precedent with Open Resources Development in English for Specific Academic Purposes. Alannah Fitzgerald, Martin Barge, Saima Sherazi & William Tweddle. BALEAP Biennial Conference, University of Leicester.

2013. Developing and Exploiting Online Resources for EAP Students: Part 1: Software tools. Barge, M. Norwegian Forum for EAP. 7th Summer Seminar. Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.

2013. Making digital open educational resources for EAP. Barge, M., Fitzgerald, A. and W. Tweddle. BALEAP Biennial Conference, Nottingham University.

2012. Sharing 'Academic English online': Issues in open educational practice. Barge, M., Cooper, J. and W. Tweddle. BALEAP Professional Issues Meeting, University of Southampton.

2011. Capturing Students' use of an Academic English Online Resource: Informing Future Development. Barge, M., Cooper, J. and W. Tweddle. BALEAP biennial Conference, Portsmouth University.

2010. The development of online provision for students of academic English. Barge, M. and Tweddle, W. Part of the Materials writing in ELT Symposium. IATEFL, 44th International Conference, Harrogate.

2009. Teaching Techniques for Multimedia Language Labs. Barge, M. 3rd CEMLL Digital Language Lab Symposium, University of Ulster.

2009. Developing EAP Skills in Multimedia Language Labs. Barge, M. and Tweddle, W. BALEAP biennial Conference, University of Reading.

2007. Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for African Air Traffic Controllers. Barge, M. and Tweddle, W. IATEFL, 41st International Conference, Aberdeen.

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