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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Belle II

The Belle II experiment is the only particle physics experiment taking data at an asymmetric electron-positron collider in order to study flavour physics and in particular the properties of B mesons (particles containing a b quark). Belle II takes data at the SuperKEKB accelerator at KEK, in Tsukuba, Japan. In June 2022, SuperKEKB achieved a new luminosity world record of 4.7x1034cm−2s−1. From 2019-2022 Belle II accumulated a 400 fb-1 data sample. These data provide large samples of beauty and charm hadrons, as well as tau leptons. Unique searches for dark-matter related particles are also pursued.

Prof. Bevan and Dr Bona from PPRC at QMUL have joined the Belle II collaboration in November 2023.


Academic Staff

Prof. Adrian Bevan

Dr Marcella Bona

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