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GridPP Logo

GridPP is an STFC funded project to build a distributed computing Grid across the UK, primarily for the analysis of the massive amount of data expected to be produced by the LHC experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. Queen Mary has been involved in GridPP since its inception in 2001 both as a resource provider and with its staff playing a major part in the project's history. Currently Steve Lloyd is the Chair of the Collaboration Board and Tier-2 Board.

As a resource provider, QMUL hosts one of GridPP's largest computer clusters and is part of the London Tier-2 Centre. The facility at QMUL is managed by Dan Traynor. The High Throughput Cluster comprises approximately 420 machines with 3600 CPU cores and 1.7PB of disk space.

Sir Alan Sugar with Steve Lloyd and Alex Martin at the Official Opening of the Queen Mary Cluster.


The GridPP Collaboration Meeting at Queen Mary.

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