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BlackMax is a state-of-the-art monte carlo simulator for TeV scale gravity effects including models for semi-classical micro-blackhole production, stringball production, and Planckian blackholes. All known grey-body emission factors are included as well as several phenomenological models for energy loss prior to the formation of a quantum gravitating object. Several options are available including the definition of the Planck Mass, the split fermion model, number and size of extra dimensions and brane tension. Users also have the choice of conserving or violating global symmetries such as baryon, lepton and flavour numbers. BlackMax is fully interfaced to Pythia6 via the Les Houches Accord format to handle hadronisation of events, and also to LHAPDF - a library of parton density functions for the proton.

The BlackMax project is being co-ordinated by Dr. Eram Rizvi and is being developed by a small collaboration of theorists and experimentalists from the UK, South Africa and the US and is used by the ATLAS and CMS experiments in searches for quantum gravity phenomena at the LHC.

The code is freely available to use and can be downloaded from the Hepforge website. New updates and announcements are made on the BlackMax mailing list.


arXiv:0711.3012 [hep-ph], Physical Review D (Vol.77, No.7)

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