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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Detector Symposium

International meeting on “Tracking detectors for particle colliders - present and future”

28 Oct. 2021

We are organising a meeting/symposium with the aim to bring together the community from all geographical areas to share research, support learning and provide networking opportunities. The event is intended to be relatively small aiming to bring together some of the leading scientists in the field who can share their expertise.  The scientific program consists of invited talks covering tracking detectors, use of such detectors in current experiments and their upgrades, and in future collider experiments. The high-quality talks by distinguished speakers will cover a broad spectrum of such detector technologies. The meeting is also followed by industrial engagement sessions aiming to establish a bridge between research in detector physics and industrial developments. 

The meeting agenda is under construction on INDICO, and the registration can be found on 


You can find the organising committee below (and on the poster) and their email's using the link here.

If you would like to contribute to this meeting, please contact the organisers.

Local committee:

  • Aashaq Shah
  • Adrian Bevan
  • Graham Beck
  • Ian Dawson
  • Joanna Borowiec
  • Paul S Miyagawa
  • Peter Hobson
  • Seth Zenz
  • Theo Kreouzis
  • Zhidong Zhang


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