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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Destinations of our PhD Graduates

Many of our PhD students go on to take post-doctoral positions in many different destinations after they graduate but as shown below, our students enter a wide range of careers. 

Here are the jobs and locations of some of our PhD Graduates  (you can see their PhD theses linked here)

  • Melissa Uchida (nee George): postdoc at Imperial College (firstly post-doc at University of Sussex)
  • James Poll: Working for Schlumberger - engineering for oil industry 
  • Katy Ellis: Working for Schlumberger - engineering for oil industry 
  • Mathilde Castanheira : Data Analyst 
  • Alex Hyndman: Film director 
  • Jack Goddard: Data Analyst for TUI, Luton 
  • Elisa Piccaro: QMUL Administrator (SBCS, Maths) 
  • Giacomo Snidero: Working forDeloitte 
  • Greg Fletcher: Working forDeloitte 
  • Marc Cano Bret: postdoc at SJTU 
  • Cristiano Alpigiani: postdoc (QM-Rome, Washington) 
  • Ela Poplawska: QMUL amministrator (costing) 
  • Linda Cremonesi: postdoc at UCL 
  • Gianluca Inguglua: postdoc at DESY 
  • Tamsin Nooney: postdoc at QMUL 
  • Stefanie Langrock: postdoc at SNOLAB 
  • Ashley Back: postdoc at Iowa State 
  • Sophie King: QMUL postdoc on T2K/HK
  • Paul Martins: Data scientist for Summit Media
  • Nick Prouse: Postdoc at Triumf, Vancouver on E61/HyperK

Information correct to the best of our knowledge at time of writing - last updated 2/10/2017

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