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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


e-ScienceTalk, is a European Commission funded project which brings the success stories of Europe's e-infrastructure to a wider audience. 
The e-ScienceTalk team at Queen Mary works with colleagues at, CERN, APO and Imperial College London on the following activities.



Members of the QMUL e-Science Talk team are listed here

GridBriefings provide jargon-free summaries of topics important to the e-Science community.

GridCafe gives a friendly introduction to grid computing for the general public. The newly launched e-ScienceCity builds upon GridCaf√©, giving a place to learn more about the world of grids, volunteer computing, supercomputing, and networks.

International Science Grid This Week is the weekly online newsletter for distributed computing.

GridGuide gives an introduction to the sites and sights of global grid computing. Visit a sample of the thousands of institutes using grid computing to power their research and see grid jobs as they happen on The Real Time Monitor.

GridCast takes you behind the scenes of some of the most exciting grid computing and e-Infrastructure events in the world.

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