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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

QCD@LHC 2015


Welcome to the 6th in the international series of QCD@LHC workshops which aims to bring theorists, experimentalists and phenomenologists together to understand QCD processes at the LHC.

The meeting will consist of plenary sessions in the mornings and parallel sessions in the afternoons. The plenary talks will include topical overviews of the state of the field including experimental overviews from ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and ALICE. The confirmed plenary speakers are:

  Sergey Alekhin (Protvino) Jon Butterworth (UCL)
  Ansgar Denner (Univ. Wurzburg) Amanda Cooper-Sarkar (Univ. of Oxford)
  Richard Field (Univ. of Florida) Hannes Jung (DESY)
  Thomas Gehrmann (Univ. of Zurich) Roberta Arcidiacono (Univ. di Torino)
  Nigel Glover (Univ. of Durham / IPPP) Alessia Bruni (Univ. di Bologna)
  Wouter Waalewijn (Nikhef) Matthew Needham (Edinburgh Univ.)
  Eric Laenen (Nikef) Javier Cuevas Maestro (Univ. de Oviedo)
  Davison Soper (Univ. of Oregon) Frank Siegert (TU Dresden)
  Abilio de Freitas (DESY) Chiara Ilaria Rovelli (Univ. di Roma I )
  Andreas von Manteuffel (Mainz) Andreas Morsch (CERN)


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Latest results from the LHC on Soft and Hard QCD
  • Theory of Jets
  • Parton Density Functions
  • Higher Order Calculations
  • Event Simulations
  • Resummation
  • Top Physics
  • Higgs Physics
  • QCD for BSM studies


The agenda consists of plenary and parallel sessions. The parallel sessions are organized by the working group convenors in four working groups:

  • PDFs
  • Hard QCD
  • Multi-parton dynamics
  • Heavy quarks

A first bulletin announcing the opening of registration will be circulated in April.

Previous meetings

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