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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

PhD Projects in PPRC

The following is only an indicative list of possible research topics. Other topics are possible and should be discussed with a supervisor. Supervisor contact details can be found here.

Project Title Supervisor
B anomalies: searching for physics beyond the Standard Model [CSC] Prof. Adrian Bevan
Search for Magnetic Monopoles Adrian Bevan Jon Hays
High Precision Search for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider using Machine Learning Unfolding [Principal's Studentship] Prof Eram Rizvi
Applications of machine learning to Higgs physics Adrian Bevan, Seth Zenz
Silicon Detector Development Adrian Bevan, Seth Zenz
Associated Higgs and Z Boson Production in Final States with B Quarks and Leptons Ulla Blumenschein
Search for the Higgs Boson in its Decay to B-Quarks Jon Hays
Search for Higgs Boson Decays to Muons Seth Zenz, Eram Rizvi, Ulla Blumenschein
High Precision Electroweak Tests of The Standard Model Eram Rizvi
Supersymmetry Searches with The Atlas Detector Marcella Bona
Dark Matter Searches with The Atlas Detector Marcella Bona
Production of a Z Boson in association with B and C Quarks at ATLAS Ulla Blumenschein
Search for a Massive Higgs Boson with the Atlas Detector at the LHC Ulla Blumenschein
Production of a Z Boson in Association with JETS at Atlas Ulla Blumenschein
Measurements of HIGGS Boson Production Kinematics Seth Zenz
Measuring neutrino oscillations with the NOvA and T2K experiments Linda Cremonesi
Measuring neutrinos interacting with two nucleons simultaneously at NOvA Linda Cremonesi
A high-pressure gas argon Time Projection Chamber to study neutrino interactions Linda Cremonesi
Organic Detector Development A Bevan, T Kreouzis
Diamond Detector Development A Bevan, I Dawson, P Hobson, T Kreouzis
Detector Simulation I Dawson, P Hobson
Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions with MINERvA and DUNE Abbey Waldron
Neutrino Detection with Machine Learning at DUNE Abbey Waldron
High Precision Search for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider using Machine Learning Unfolding [Queen Mary Studentship] Prof. Eram Rizvi
Air pollution predictions towards healthier cities with the SAPIENS project [Principle's Award] Dr Marcella Bona
Measurement of low mass dimuon pairs Eram Rizvi
Measurement of the Drell-Yan cross section Eram Rizvi
ATLAS Silicon Tracker (ITK) Upgrade Adrian Bevan, Seth Zenz
Study of Rare B Decays at ATLAS Marcella Bona
Search For Z' Resonances Eram Rizvi
Search for Micro Black Hole Production at the LHC Eram Rizvi
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