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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Committees and Contacts

For more information please contact the conference secretary:  or you can directly email Eram Rizvi

Working Groups and Convenors

All working group convenors can be contacted using this address

International Organising Committee

  • A. Bethani (QMUL, UK)
  • M. Bona (QMUL, UK)
  • A. De Roeck (CERN, CH)
  • A. Glazov (DESY, DE)
  • P. Newman (Birmingham, UK)
  • V. Radescu (DESY, DE)
  • E. Rizvi (QMUL, UK)
  • T. Katori (QMUL, UK)
  • R. Thorne (UCL, UK)
  • D. Traynor (QMUL, UK)

The international organising committee may be contacted at this email address.

International Advisory Board

  • S. Alekhin (PROTVINO, RU)
  • J. Bluemlein (DESY, DE)
  • K. Ellis (FNAL, USA)
  • N. Glover (IPPP Durham, UK)
  • J. Huston (MSU, USA)
  • J. Katzy (DESY, DE)
  • M. Mangano (CERN, CH)
  • Z. Nagy (DESY, DE)

The international advisory board may be contacted at this email address.

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