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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

IoP 2012

HEPP and APP group Annual Meeting

2nd - 4th April

In the centenary year of the discovery of cosmic rays

The 2012 annual gathering of the High Energy Particle Physics and Astro Particle Physics groups of the IoP will take place at Queen Mary, University of London's Mile End Road Campus.  The programme will encompass activities in both High Energy and Astro Particle fields as well as discussing the synergies between them.  Talks will include the latest results from the LHC, up to date reports on neutrino, charged lepton and quark flavour physics, Dark Matter searches, nuclear astrophysics, gravitational waves, and a topical review of early cosmic ray discoveries.

The Mile End Campus is situated between the Stepney Green and Mile End tube stations, and is only a 15 minute tube ride from the heart of London. Directions to the campus can be found here.  Registration and the main meeting rooms will be in the Francis Bancroft Building, which can be located as building number 26 on the Campus map [PDF 1,352KB] and we look forward to seeing you in April.

A detailed conference agenda is under construction on INDICO, and the registration form for this meeting is (you will need to register for an indico account at CERN if you do not already have one).

Confirmed Speakers:

The following plenary speakers are confirmed for this meeting.

Nick Brook LHCb & B Factories
Ed Daw Gravitational Waves
Christian Diget Nuclear Astrophysics
Jon Hays Standard Model Results from CMS & ATLAS
Johannes Knapp Hadronic Interactions Beyond the LHC
Fernando Ferroni The INFN Perspective on HEP and APP
Tim Greenshaw CTA
Mark Lancaster Intensity Frontier Experiments
Chris Lester Beyond the Standard Model results from CMS & ATLAS
Christoph Luhn Flavour and Neutrino Theory
Jocelyn Monroe Dark Matter Experiments
Aldo Morselli Dark matter and Fermi
Don Perkins Early Cosmic Ray Physics
Simon Peeters Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Peter Richardson Collider Phenomenology
Chris Rogers Accelerators for the Intensity and Energy Frontier
Christian Schwanenberger Latest Results from the Tevatron
Jenny Thomas Latest Results from Neutrino Experiments
Steven West BSM Particle and AstroParticle Theory

Organising Committee:

  • Adrian Bevan (Chair)
  • Marcella Bona
  • Roberto Sacco
  • Ben Still

You can find e-mails of members of the organising committee using the people link in the menu bar.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for this meeting:


  • Please note that thanks to the IPPP we have a limited capacity to part-fund theorist participation in this meeting.  This funding will be available on a first come first served basis, and please contact the organising committee if you wish to enquire about this. 


  • The following organisations are exhibiting at the meeting: Canberra, GRID PP, IOP Publishing, and Viglen.  In addition we have outreach displays including CERN at School, and Particle Physics oriented Build Your Own Universe activity.
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