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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences



The Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Particle Physics Research Centre (PPRC), part of the School of Physics and Astronomy, is active in leading international experiments, focused either on discovery and identification of new particles, or on testing the quantitative features of globally unifying theories. The PPRC comprises about 25 staff and 20 Ph.D. students.

The QMUL PPRC is involved in experiments (ATLAS, MoEDAL and T2K) that are currently collecting data, experiments in the planning phase (SNO+) and experiments that are completing physics analyses (BaBar, H1 and CDF). In addition, we have a substantial involvement in the development of the UK distributed computing grid, GridPP and various activities of detector R&D.

More information on our research and outreach activities, as well as Ph.D. studentships, can be found from the main PPRC page

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