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Document Camera - Aver by U50

The Aver U50 document camera helps bridge one of the most common gaps in teaching & presenting over the internet, by allowing you to share a live view of a physical document in real time, enabling you to make physical annotations, quickly switch documents and more, just as you would in person.

The device attaches to your computer via a USB cable (supplied) and will work without any additional software, however, installing the driver software will allow you to calibrate the device and enable additional features. 

Installing the Driver Software:

On a managed machine, open the Software Center, select Aver A+ Suite – Sphere2 and click 'Install'

On a PC or Mac that is not managed, download and install the software from

Once the install has finished, please restart your computer.

There is currently no driver for Linux as, even though the device has been tested and working on Ubuntu, Linux is not officially supported.

Further support:|715255AC-992F-4136-9512-83EF358721DE&t=ServiceDownload

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