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IT Services

Teaching Space Design and Support

The Audio Visual (AV) team within IT Services support around 180 teaching rooms and 40 lecture theatres across our campuses. The core support hours are 8am to 6pm weekdays.

For urgent AV/IT issues in teaching rooms, call 020 7882 6550.

Exam Support 

On-Campus Online Exams

Campus Customer Service (CCS) from ITS can support you by:

  • Checking that technology in the rooms work in advance of exams
  • Providing support on the day of exam
  • Or both.

We highly recommend that school-based Learning Technologists use the exam rooms before the day of the exams and check that the specific exam functions in the desired way. Note that Campus Customer Service can only run general technology tests – all other issues will need to be addressed with sufficient time before the exam takes place.

Online Exams on QMPlus

The ITS Technology Enhanced Learning Team can give guidance on setting up exam pages and quizzes on QMPlus. For support, contact the team or visit their website.   

The ITS Solution Development Team can test the performance of quizzes on QMPlus that will be taken by many students at once. To request such a performance test, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Note: ITS do not provide support on other exam platforms, such as Rogo, NUMBAS, Practique, MSCAA, Pearson MyLab, Jupiter Hub or WeBWorK.

Getting Support for Exams

ITS need to check exam rooms well in advance to provide you with the best experience possible, so please provide ample notice to ITS and ensure that students do not use the rooms at least 24 hours prior to the exams.

To receive this support, please raise a ticket with the Service Desk and include the following:

  • Details on the date, time, room(s) and number of students taking the test
  • The type of support you need, eg,
    • Will you need an ITS team member to be physically present during exams? 
    • Would you like someone from ITS to be available to contact via phone or other channels during exams? 
    • Are there any specific IT issues you want ITS to look out for (eg, forced restarts during exams, Windows updates happening during exams, etc)? 

Teaching Rooms

Teaching rooms fall into categories of lecture theatres, and various size teaching rooms each containing a variety of AV equipment. We will always provide a white board, projector or plasma screen and a room PC or input for a laptop. 

The bigger lecture theatres house a larger range of equipment. These rooms have either single or dual screens and are operated using a control system. All teaching rooms will have user guides located near or on the lecterns explaining how to use the system.

Teaching Room Standard Equipment

We have provided the following overarching standards which are under regular review. For certain rooms we may not be able to provide the exact standard as listed, however, we endeavour to ensure we meet expectations. The links to the Quick Guides, on the right, are short videos which show you how to use the equipment in each of the rooms, and will open in a new window. 

Teaching Space Size Guide for Teaching Spaces

Guide for Teaching Spaces
(inc. Mixed Mode Education Devices)

Small   Small  
Medium   Medium Medium
Large     Large Large
  The Great Hall  


Click here to view the teaching space layouts for most of the spaces available.

Q-Review (Lecture Capture)

Q-Review is a service for the recording and distribution of a teaching activity. The system aims to encourage flexible teaching methods, and allows lecturers to retain full control over their recordings (publishing, editing and deleting). For further information please refer to the Q-Review webpage here.

Q-Review as a service includes scheduling, recording, processing, distribution of content as well as monitoring and maintenance of the service. Lecture Capture sessions are scheduled automatically and can be booked by e-mailing 

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