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Updating the security certificate on centrally managed Windows devices

Steps on selecting the new Certificate

If the Icon is displayed in your task bar see fig 1

Step 1.

Please double click with the mouse on to one of the below icons (one icon with the gold lock shows the laptop is connected to QMUL, the blue shield shows that the FortiClient is not connected.

Fig 1. This Icon shows Connected to the QMUL network



Fig 2. This Icon shows the laptop is not currently connected



If the ICON is not displayed in your task bar, please contact the ITS Service desk, who will be able to advise you.



Step 2.

If you have a connection to the QMUL network (Fig 1), please click on the Disconnect button to display the login options.

If you do not have a connection, the Login options will be displayed (below).

When the Forticlient application is displayed, Click on Remote access from the Menu on the left:

Step 3.

Please click on the down arrow within the Client Certificate section:

Step 4.


Select the new User account Certificate: username/QM-PKI-SRV-001-CA”.

Hint: It starts with your QMUL username


If you have not logged into your laptop on Campus for a while, the new Certificate may not be available or you have issues You should contact the IT service desk, who can talk you through logging in to the provisioning VPN, to pick up the new certificate.

Step 5

Click on Connect to re-connect to the QMUL network.

Forticlient connect button





If you do not have an option to log in to the Forticlient or you do not have the option to “Connect to QMUL” or “Disconnect from QMUL”, please contact the IT Servicedesk in live chat as soon as possible.

 You may need to have your Forticlient application reinstalled.

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