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IT Services

Protect computers & devices

Any device that connects to the Internet, email services or uses removable media such as USBs is at risk from cyber security threats. Refer to the cyber security pages for information on email and cyber threats

Portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets are a target for thieves. Staff should refer to our FAQ on Stolen/Lost devices. This page lists the steps to take in the event of loss or theft.

Learn to protect against viruses and malware, protect your mobile devices, purchase secure hardware and dispose of hardware in a secure way.

How to ensure your devices are as secure as possible: The National Cyber Security Centre 

Physical security

Staff must ensure their laptops are secured with appropriate security. Screens must be locked when unattended, and if you are not in a secure office,  a Kensington Lock should be considered, which attaches a cable from a computer to a stationary object such as a table. The locks can be purchased from IT Services. Otherwise, laptops must be locked in a drawer, cupboard or other secure location when unattended.

If a Queen Mary owned device is lost or stolen please follow the steps here

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