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Instructions on how to change DNS server settings

Instructions on how to change DNS server settings

Your DNS server settings need to be changed so that it points to and which are the Cisco Umbrella DNS resolvers. 


Instructions on how to do this are below. Please select the correct instructions based on your operating system.


Microsoft Windows:

Mac OS:

There are a number of different Linux distributions available therefore making the change will depend on identifying which version you are using.  This can be achieved in a number of ways:  Once you know what distribution you are using, you’ll need to take a look at documentation for that Linux distribution to change your DNS name server settings.  Instructions for popular Linux distribution documentation can be found here:



Once this has been done, you can test if this works using the DOS command prompt or terminal and typing ‘nslookup’ or any other known domain to see if it resolves successfully using either or


The result should look like this.


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