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Ordering Hardware

Place your order for hardware via the self-service portal. Using self-service ensures essential information is captured and your request is assigned to the appropriate team immediately. Guidance on completing the hardware request form is here

Move from ‘leasing’ to ‘capital purchase’ model for desktop devices

Following a recent review of the available purchase options for desktop devices, it is beneficial for QMUL to move from a ‘leased’ to ‘capital purchase’ model for all new desktop device purchases.

This is mainly due to the leasing option only being cost effective when considering a 3 year term or cycle, however with a large amount of our estate moving into its 4th or 5th year, it is far more worthwhile to capital purchase outright. 

What does this mean for me?

  • We will no longer be offering the option to lease new desktop devices (only purchase outright).
  • All previously leased devices on a 3 year contract will be extended for 1 year and then purchased outright (If any devices were purchased directly by a department outside of IT we will extend on your behalf and then purchase outright).
  • ITS will own and bear the cost for the primary work device and one standard monitor, UK keyboard and mouse for each FTE member of staff where a device is required and it is not appropriate to share. Any further devices will be charged to the relevant department or school.
  • IT Services will not routinely replace a device unless it is no longer fit for purpose or beyond economical repair.

Please do contact your FRM or the IT Service Desk should you have any questions regarding the change.

Guidance on accessing and completing the hardware request form

Please complete the questions fully, adding any additional information you have including appropriate approval, allowing us to expedite the request.

Ivanti IT or Estates

  •  Click on 'Request a Service'

  •  Now choose 'Laptops, Desktops & Accessories'

  • You now have a choice of desktops, laptops and accessories. Hover your mouse over each image for a full description
  • The standard desktop is Desktop Purchase - Option A
  • The standard laptops are Laptop Purchase - Option R - 12.5 screen and Laptop Purchase - Option S - 14 sceen
  • You can also order non-standard laptops, desktops and Macs.
  • To choose your preferred option click on 'Request'

  • Your details will automatically populate the 'Requestor Details' field
  • If you have raised the ticket on behalf of a colleague and/or there is an alternate contact, you can enter their details now.


  • Now complete the 'Description' field with the requested information
  • We ask for the following and it is essential all fields are completed

    Name of person receiving the hardware: 
    Desk Location:
    Phone extension number:
    Email address:
    New or existing staff:
    New or replacement hardware: 
    Owner of the Old PC/laptop and Asset Number (If QM Property):
    Eligible for IT Services funded hardware (Yes/No): 
    **** Eligible when****
    It is one computer per post and you are ordering an All in One standard desktop or a standard laptop (plus power supply unit), docking station (plus power supply unit), monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    If not eligible Departmental Budget Code:
    Eligible for VAT Exemption (Yes/No):
    For UK or UK/International use:

  • Once you click the 'Save' or 'Save and Close' Button your request has been submitted and assigned to the appropriate team

Useful Links

View details and forms regarding the Desktop Managed Service and Non-Recommended devices:

Desktop Managed Service Guide


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