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Changes to Student printing

Please find information below on the fundamental changes being made to Student printing services.

Printing Credit

What do I do if my credit balance does not appear or update?

If your printing balance does not appear in the MyPrint portal, please contact the Service Desk via the Live Chat System or on 020 7882 8888, our lines are open 24/7.


Enabling your ID Card

The Kiosks at both Mile End and Whitechapel Library will be decommissioned therefore, to register your card you will need to do the following:

Please note, you will only need to do this once and can be done at any HP printer across campus.

1. Swipe your ID card on the card reader located next to the print display.

2. You will be prompted to enter your Username and Password on the print display. This is your Queen Mary Username and Password that you use to log into the computers. (Remember, the password is case sensitive so please use the arrow key to switch between uppercase and lowercase where needed)

3. Press OK.

4. When finished, please remember to Sign Out.

Your card is now enabled and ready to use on any HP printer on campus. You can now swipe your card at the reader to access printing. Find out more on Enabling your ID card


Printing from a Student Computer

When printing a document from a student computer on campus, please select the new myprint on queue from the printer drop down menu. This should be set to default on all campus computers.

What do I do if the print queue does not appear?

If MyPrint does not appear automatically in the list of printers, please restart your device.


Printing from your Laptop

From August 2021, e-print will be decommissioned. If you are printing from your own personal laptop please follow one of the two methods below.

NOTE: Please make sure that you are connected to Eduroam before attempting the following.


Mobility Print

Mobility Print is accessible from Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux operating systems. See below for brief instructions on Mobility Print, however for an operating system specific guide please refer to Wireless Printing.

1. Navigate to MyPrint or search in your web browser and enter your Queen Mary username and password to login.

2. From the left hand task bar, select BYOD / Non Managed.

3. The operating system you are using will be automatically detected. However, if for any reason this is incorrect, please choose from the icons below.

4. Select Download and run the Mobility Print application.

5. When asked to, authenticate with your Queen Mary username and password and select Finish.

The myprint on queue will now appear in your list of printers and will allow you to print to a HP printer direct from your device.


Web Printing

Web Printing will now be accessed via the MyPrint Portal where you will be able to view your printing account, jobs pending release and your printing transactions. Please follow the steps below or find out more on Web Printing.

1. Within your web browser, go to MyPrint and login using your university credentials.

2. From the task bar on the left, select Web Print.

3. Select Submit a Job and follow the steps to upload your document.

4. Choose your file by selecting Upload from computer.

5. Select Upload and Complete. Once your document status changes to Held in queue, you will then be able to release it from the printer.


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