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QMUL@Home Laptop Quickstart Guide

In This Guide

This QuickStart guide will walk you through the first time setup of your new QMUL@Home laptop. Queen Mary IT Services will ship this laptop to your home, or other specified address, and you’ll only need an internet connection, ideally with Wi-Fi, and your Queen Mary login details to begin.

Before You Begin

Before starting, please make sure your laptop is connected to the mains power using the supplied charger. You don’t need to connect any extra keyboards, mice, screens or other devices you plan to use with the laptop at this stage, you can do this afterwards.

Before starting, please make sure you’ve completed the Self Service Password Reset registration. This will allow you to use your phone or a backup email account as an additional layer of security for your account. Registration takes just a few minutes; you can find instructions for this here:

The first time setup can take up to an hour, and your laptop may restart a few times throughout this. 


Language selection

A short while after powering on, you’ll be asked to set your language, region and keyboard layout. For each one, pick your desired option, and then click “Yes” in the bottom right hand corner. You will be asked if you want to select a second keyboard layout. Click “Skip” if not.

Network connection

After a few minutes, if you’re setting this up over Wi-Fi, you’ll be asked to select your Wi-Fi network. You can usually find details of this on your home Wi-Fi router. If you’re connecting using a network cable into a docking station, you can skip this step.

Entering your Queen Mary details

After a little while, you’ll be asked to enter your Queen Mary username, password and second authentication factor. Depending on which method you chose during your multi factor authentication registration (SSPR) you will either receive a notification on your phone or will be asked to enter a one-time verification code.

Your username MUST be in the form, so for instance, if your username was “aaw123”, you would enter If your username is ab12345, you would type This is the username you’ll be using to log into your QMUL@Home laptop.

Setting up your device for work

Next, your laptop will perform a number of steps to allow you to access Queen Mary resources. A short way through this, you’ll have the option to click a “Continue anyway” button to go straight to your desktop, but we suggest you do not select this, as it may affect the way any work you do is saved before the setup is complete.


You will eventually be presented with a familiar looking login screen. Enter your username and password, remembering to add at the end of your username. Your laptop may still have some setup to complete after this, including asking you to restart, if needed.


Once you see the desktop, complete with Queen Mary background, your QM@Home laptop is now ready to use! Any additional software will install in the background, please let us know if you need any help

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