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Ideas Forum

Ideas Forum

What is the Ideas Forum?

If you have a problem an IT solution could help solve, software that doesn't support your current needs, or an idea about a piece of software which could support your needs, then the Ideas Forum is here to help. 


The Ideas Forum consists of experts from across all areas IT Services, and is here to help provide anyone with a problem or an idea the next steps to provide a solution. The Ideas Forum is here to review proposed new solutions and agree next steps - it is not responsible for the implementation of these services.

How to get involved

To pitch an idea or a problem to the Ideas Forum reach out to your Faculty Relationship Manager who will be able to provide support with submitting your idea to the forum. We encourage you to refer to the criteria listed below in the FAQ ‘getting involved’ section before reaching out. 

Faculty Relationship Managers




A: The Ideas Forum is the best way to submit an idea or a problem which needs a solution to colleagues in IT services for review. Staff members can submit an idea or a problem by completing the Idea Form. Following the submission of an idea you will be contacted by your FRM informing you if the idea can go the Ideas Forum (if it isn't it may be due to it being something which can be solved through systems or services which currently exist.) If your idea is submitted please see the outcomes and next steps FAQ section for what happens next. The flowchart below shows the process. 

The Ideas Forum meets once a week (normally on a Thursday). 

The Ideas Forum includes membership across all areas of IT Services including Architecture, Security, Solutions Development, Platforms, Student Experience, Faculty Relationship Management, Service Delivery, Suppliers Management, Research, TELT and the Office of the CIO. The Ideas Forum is chaired by the Director of the Office of the CIO.

We have provided some examples of Ideas which have been approved and implemented at the bottom of this page. 

Contact your Faculty Relationship Manager.

ITS encourage you to submit an application if you fall into any of the below categories: 

  • I currently use software which doesn’t support my needs
  • I have an idea about a piece of software which will support my needs
  • I have software that currently exists but it has no support from IT
  • I have a specific product I want to support my needs - and I have the budget for this / i don’t have a budget for this
  • I have an issue that requires a solution
  • I don’t have a product in mind for that solution
  • I have a product in mind for that solution
  • I am looking at a product, or have a product, which needs to be used by more than five people (this may require single sign on)
  • I am looking at buying a service which holds existing and / or generates new information owned by Queen Mary 
  • I am looking at buying equipment that will generate digital information that is owned by Queen Mary and / or is connected to the Queen Mary wired or wireless network. 

All of the information we ask for you to consider in your submission is included in the Idea Form. This include the benefits of the idea/solution, the risk of not implementing the idea/solution, considering whether there is something else available which could fill this need (you can find all available services here), your high level requirements i.e. what you need, and whether funding is currently available. 

Your Faculty Relationship Manager is on hand to support you. We strongly recommend you consult your Faculty Relationship Manager and work with them during the submission creation process to ensure your idea includes all of the information required for the Idea Form. You can find out who your Faculty Relationship Manager is here.

Procurement/Finance work closely with IT Services for the procurement of any technical solutions. It is essential IT Services are consulted when new solutions are presented to Finance to ensure that all relevant tests (including security checks) are carried out before it is purchased and if needed that there effective support model in place for the service. 

The length of time a solution can be implemented after an idea is approved by the Ideas Forum can vary. For example, a simple and small idea (such as a new piece of software) can take around 3 months, a medium sized idea around 6-12 months, and a large idea which requires capital investment could take more than 12-18 months. We always recommend submitting your idea as soon as possible to get the process moving.

If you do not have budget for your idea then please speak to your Faculty Relationship Manager before submitting your idea.

We recommend you engage with your FRM as early as possible to allow as much time as possible for your idea to be reviewed and implemented. 

You are more than welcome to present your own idea. Please discuss this with your Faculty Relationship Manager who will arrange for an invitation to be shared with you

Absolutely. Your Faculty Relationship Manager can present your idea on your behalf. 

Your Faculty Relationship Manager will share outcomes with you following the meeting. 

Your Faculty Relationship Manager, will update you following your idea being presented at the Ideas Forum with the outcome of the submission and with information about any next steps. See outcomes and next steps section below for further information.

Congratulations - your idea has been approved! Following your Faculty Relationship Manager updating you on the outcome of your idea, they will provide information regarding what will happen next. It is likely your idea will either go through one of three avenues depending on scope and scale - Project Management, Product Management or Business as usual activity.

Your Faculty Relationship Manager will let you know if your idea needs to be resubmitted. Ideas may be requested to be resubmitted if further information is required to help inform discussion at the Ideas Forum. Your Faculty Relationship Manager will work with you to ensure your idea includes all of the information it needs for re-submission and will support you in re-submitting it to the forum. 

An idea can sometimes be rejected. This may be for a variety of reasons, including it being something which can be support by business as usual activity. If this is the case please see the FAQ below. Your Faculty Relationship Manager will provide you with information about why it was rejected and will provide advise on what this means and what to do next.

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