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IT Services

Lost Devices (Staff Only)

Has your phone or laptop gone missing, been lost or stolen? It is imperative that QMUL staff and IT Services work together to ensure all QMUL data and devices are secured promptly. Follow the processes outlined below to support information security. 

What To Do Immediately

To ensure personal and University data are protected, please take the following actions immediately:

  1. Reset your password using the Self-service Password Reset option to prevent potential threats from accessing your device. If you cannot access or use the Self-service Password Reset option, contact IT Services by Live Chat or phone 020 7882 8888.
    • Do not email or use the IT ticket portal as these channels are only checked in business hours. 
  2. If you have remote wipe tools available for your device, use these promptly to wipe your device or at least lock access to your data. 
  3. Contact your mobile data provider to block your device. 
  4. Contact IT Services to provide details about the device and the data contained on it. We will need to know information such as:
    • Did the device contain any restricted or confidential data?
    • Was the device:
      • A standard "managed" machine? 
      • A self-managed machine with a fully encrypted hard disc?
      • Or a self-managed machine without any encryption applied to the hard disc?
    • Were any removable media (eg, USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, removable Solid State Disk (SSD) drives etc) that might have contained QMUL data included in the loss or theft?

What To Do Within 24 Hours Following Device Loss

After you have taken the steps above and within 24 hours of your device going missing, please ensure the incident is reported to the relevant areas:

  • Report to the appropriate authorities (ie, the police) and provide the statement/report number to IT Services. 
  • Contact the QMUL Security Service Team and inform them that a Queen Mary asset has been lost or stolen. You can reach them on 020 7882 3333
  • Contact Finance regarding Insurance and cover for stolen items.
  • Contact your mobile device provider (or your internal administrator) to issue a new device.

How To Obtain A New Device

To obtain a replacement for a device issued by IT Services, please use the self-service IT ticket portal and select the appropriate replacement. Please note:

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