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How to

Please find a quick guide on how-to utilise your MITEL IP Phone.

Forwarding calls / Making busy

If you are out of the office you can forward your calls to a colleague. If you are unable to take calls, then you can place your phone on make busy. 

Forward on no-answer to xxxx #8 xxxx
Immediate forwarding to xxxx #9 xxxx (for ext)                    #99 xxxxxxxxxxx (for mobile and landline)
Forward on busy to xxxx #0 xxxx
On make busy #8*
Cancel no-answer forwarding ##8  
Cancel immediate forwarding or pull diversion when at the original extn ##9
Cancel busy forwarding ##0
Cancel make busy #8#

Once you have set up the forward, please carry out a test call

If the forwarding does not work or if you are not in front of the headset to set up the auto forward, please log a ticket via

Access your voicemail remotely

Listen to your messages away from the office, 24 hours a day. Instruction on how this is can be done can be found here.

Do not disturb

Calls will not ring on your desk phone but will go directly to voicemail if you have this set up. Otherwise, callers will hear the busy tone.

Do not disturb is #5 and to remove is ##5

NOTE: Please remember to cancel this option when done.

Transfer a call

It is easy to put a call through to another QMUL phone. The button below helps you with this function.

Once you have picked up the call and want to transfer it, press the above button and dial the number (extension) you want to transfer the call to. Select the option which reads Transfer call/Conference | Release Me and then hang up.

Conference calls

There are a couple of ways you can make conference calls. Check with your Administrator if your department has a conference call account and code you can use. Our IP phones (those with the digital display screen) also have a feature that lets you invite up to eight people, which is useful for internal conference calls.

NOTE: The button displayed in the image above will also help you with the conference function.

Group Features

You can request the telephone group features below for your team by contacting the Service Desk on 020 7882 8888, our lines are open 24/7, or by raising a ticket.

  • Pickup group: answer a call for another extension within your team.
  • Hunt group: calls to a central number for your team bounce to the next available (not busy) phone, allowing more members of your team to assist callers.
  • Ring group: calls to a central number for your team ring multiple extensions, stopping when someone in the group picks it up.
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