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Analogue Telephone Services

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Analogue Telephony Policy

The QMUL analogue telephone service is deprecated and support for this service is now limited:

  • No new analogue phone lines will be installed by IT Services
  • IT Services will continue to make reasonable efforts to repair existing analogue phone lines.
  • Where an existing analogue line cannot be repaired IT Services will install an IP connection and IP telephone handset
  • Faulty handsets will not be replaced by IT Services, the customer will need to source their own replacement handsets.

Any requirement for telephony provision independent of the QMUL network will need to be sourced and managed locally. Examples of this are 4G mobile connectivity for lift emergency phones, or separate BT phone lines.  



The legacy analogue telephone service provides limited functionality over old analogue telephone cables.  The University has not installed analogue telephone lines for over 10 years. New buildings and building refurbishments do not include the cabling infrastructure to support analogue telephony.

Analogue telephone controllers are connected to the University IP network which is then used for communication with all other internal and external telephones. Any perception that the University's analogue phone system is separate from the University network is not correct.


Analogue Amnesty

IT Services have limited funding to replace old analogue telephones with new Mitel IP handsets or Mitel MiCollab Softphones. If you have an old analogue phone, and want it replaced with a new Mitel IP telephone, all you need to do is raise a ticket with the IT Service Desk ( The only information we would need is:

  • The analogue telephones extension number
  • The room (& building) the analogue telephone is located in
  • A local contact to help arrange access and schedule the replacement.


FAQs and Conditions

Q. What does an analogue telephone look like?

A. If it doesn't have 'MITEL' printed on it then it is most likely an old analogue phone. If you're unsure, feel free to include a photograph of the telephone in your Service Desk ticket.

Q. What if I don't want a new Mitel IP handset or Micollab Softphone?

A. That's fine, taking a replacement Mitel IP handset is optional, not mandatory. However ongoing support for the analogue service is limited ‘reasonable efforts’.

Q. What new handset will I get?

A. Your old analogue phone will be replaced with a Mitel 5320e handset (

Q. Will my extension number change?

A. No, your telephone number will not change. Please include in your Service Desk ticket any other features you need to retain (for example, hunt groups and access to voicemail).

Q. How long have I got to raise a Request?

A. We will attempt to replace as many as possible but will be limited by project funding.

Q. Are there any reasons why I wouldn't get a replacement phone?

A. It won't always be possible to replace an analogue phone (for example if the cabling infrastructure is too old to support an IP handset) but we will make every effort to find a workable solution.


UK National Switch-off of all Analogue Telephones

It should be noted that the entire UK analogue telephone network will be switched off in 2025 (

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