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The e-Signature service provides a standard means to sign documents electronically by both internal and external parties. This improves efficiency and provides cost savings by eliminating the need to send physical documents to the signing parties. Once a document has been signed by all the nominated parties, they each receive a PDF copy of the signed document showing details of the dates and times each party signed. The PDF copy of the signed document should be stored in your usual faculty or departmental digital file storage (e.g. SharePoint) for future reference.

The service is provided by Adobe Sign, a leading provider of e-signature solutions and is intended to be used where a legally valid agreement is required. This is typically when a contract is being made between QMUL and an external organisation or individual.

Electronic signatures are widely accepted in most jurisdictions including the UK, EU, and US. More information about the legal acceptance of e-signatures can be found here.

We may receive documents from other organisations requesting us to sign them electronically. In all cases, it is the party initiating the signing process that determines the tool to be used for signing and other organisations may use either Adobe Sign or some other tool. We have to use the tool that they have chosen; similarly, other organisations we send documents to for signing will have to use Adobe Sign rather than a tool of their choice.

What does it cost?

Charges for using the e-Signature service are being funded centrally so there is no additional cost to faculties or departments for using the service.

How do I get access to the e-Signature service?

Please complete this online form to request access to the e-Signature service. You’ll need to provide a budget code to cover costs for using the service and your line manager will need to approve your access.

Once your line manager has approved your access, you’ll receive an automatically generated email which you need to forward to
If your line manager's details are entered incorrectly your request will be rejected and you'll receive an email notification to inform you.

How do I use the e-Signature service?

View this short video for a quick overview of how to use e-Signature.

The e-Signature service quick reference guide can be found here [PDF 417KB]

The e-Signature service user guide can be found here [PDF 4,899KB]


How do I get help using the e-Signature service?

For assistance with e-Signature, please contact the ITS Service Desk.



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