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Maple is a commercial computer algebra system developed by Maplesoft.  Maple provides quick calculations, the development of design sheets, teaching fundamental concepts, and producing high-fidelity simulation models.


The system requirements can be found here

Purchase Code

Please email: to obtain the purchase code.

How to access this service

The software can be downloaded here

Steps to install Maple

1. Open the file that you have downloaded and on the Setup - Maple screen, click Next to begin the installation.

2. On the License Agreement screen, read the terms and select I accept the agreement, then click Next.

3. Click Next on the Installation Directory screen to install Maple to the default directory or click Browse to select a different folder of your choice and then click Next.

4. On the Maple Worksheet Association screen, select Yes, and click Next.

5. On the Choose the Type of Licensing screen, select Single User License and click Next.

6. On the Check for Updates screen, select the first two boxes and click Next.

7. On the Pre-Installation Summary screen, click Next.

8. Maple will now install. 

Note: This process may take several minutes.

Click Next once the installation is complete.

9. After the setup is complete, activate Maple by entering the Purchase Code provided to you by the IT Service Desk and then click Next.

Maple is now ready to use.

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