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School of History



We have a huge range of modules on offer for our undergraduate students.

You can choose modules that interest you by region, theme or period. An indicative list of current modules is provided below. The offering will vary from year to year. We constantly review modules based on our student feedback, and offer new module choices each year.

In your third year, you will take a primary source-intensive Special Subject module.  You can find out out Special Subjects here.

Modules in a Minute

You can see some of our academics dicsussing their modules and what makes them unique on this YouTube playlist

Further information

Broadly speaking, Level 4 modules are aimed at first year undergraduates, Level 5 modules at second year undergraduates and Level 6 modules at third years.

Level 6 Special Subjects are for third years. A Special Subject is an in-depth module which focuses in great detail on a short historical period.

They allow you to intensively study primary sources (perhaps including documents, novels, photograph, films memoirs, pictures, etc.) giving you a detailed and complex understanding of your subject.

Special subjects are taught in small group seminars, so you can discuss and develop your work and ideas in an intensive group environment.

Find out more about our modules.

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