School of History

Research Projects and Grants


Our School of History is uniquely successful in securing research funding from a variety of sources in support of our research in projects large and small. Our success arises from the great deal of informed effort we invest in the process of conceiving, developing, communicating and amplifying a historian’s original idea. All our projects are conceived as communicating with diverse audiences: first and foremost, our colleagues and peers in humanities scholarship, but also a broader interested public, in particular institutions of state and civil society with whom insight into the human past can be shared in promotion of better understanding. Our research projects often generate support for research assistants, who become integrated into our School, and for activities such as workshops, conferences, or exhibitions.


All applications for research funding are coordinated by our Director of Research Funding, Dr Jo Cohen. Together with Research Manager, Dr Claire Trenery, she marshals a groups of expert readers who offer comment on drafts of each application, while also directing applicants to a costing exercise conducted by QMUL’s Joint Research Management Office. Applications to European funding schemes are also expertly supported by a dedicated team with expertise in that area.

Workshops are sometimes organised for the discussion and development of ideas for funded research projects. And when schemes require an interview as part of the selection process, colleagues generously participate in ‘mock’ interviews too. Where projects are associated with research centres, much generation of the project occurs in that supportive environment.