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School of History


The historians of the School of History at Queen Mary University of London pursue their research independently and in collaboration within and between three well-established and highly-reputed research clusters.

Members of the School research histories since 1000 CE, with specialisms in African, American, British, European, South Asian, and Middle Eastern History. We interact in period groups but, as meaningfully, around shared themes that we explore in different periods and places. These commonalities are expressed through three main clusters:

  1. Society, Culture and Belief 
  2. History of Thought, Emotion and Knowledge  
  3. National and International Society and Governance 

Each cluster promotes productive contact and exchange between researchers with shared interests, while stimulating the emergence of sub-specialisms too.  Within these clusters a genuine coming together of researchers at all stage - from PhD students, through postdoctoral researchers and on to early career and later career scholars - takes places. This is facilitated by our research centres, specialist seminars, annual lectures, and the contributions of Distinguished Visiting Professors. 


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