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School of History

Your Student Experience

Your Experience in the School of History 

Our School community is built on close collaboration between Students and Staff, working together to create a programme of events and opportunities that will give you a chance to reach your full potential as you explore the impact of History outside the classroom and get to know your fellow students socially. 

We are an inclusive and diverse community - our modules attract many international students each semester who you will study with and get to know as friends, and we welcome many students from many other London institutions keen to explore our unique range of specialist subjects. 

There’s always something going on in the School outside of class hours. In a typical week during the semester, you might come and watch a film in the state-of-the-art Hitchcock Cinema with an introductory talk by a historian. 

The History Society, The History Journal & The Public History Unit

You could also attend an evening talk or debate organised by our active and enthusiastic History Society - recent guests include the popular historians Andrew Marr and Dan Snow. Our students edit their own Undergraduate History Journal, publishing high quality student essays in print and online. You will be able to contribute your own work to the Journal, get involved as a member of the committee and attend regular launch events and socials with guest speakers. The latest edition of the Journal is available below.

The recently-formed Public History Unit are a group of our students who are passionate about bringing our subject to the wider community, organising public lectures, workshops and discussion groups with influential figures in History like Dominic Sandbrook and Sir Christopher Clark.

Becoming a member of our engaged School community will be a fun and enriching experience.

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