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School of History

HST7799 - Method and Practice in the History of Political Thought and Intellectual History

Credits: 60
Semester: Year-Long

Module Convenor: Andrew Fitzmaurice & Georgios Varouxakis

This course provides an essential grounding in modern intellectual history and political thought. It introduces students to the most important kinds of methodology practised in the field of intellectual history since the nineteenth century, and some of the most influential thinkers and themes in the history of political thought since antiquity. It is divided into two parts, corresponding to semesters one and two respectively. The first part covers a variety of key philosophical, historical, political and sociological theorists whose work has inspired a range of approaches in the history of ideas in Anglo-American and European scholarship. The second part involves in-depth exploration of the thought of a selection of major authors and thematic concerns in the history of European political thought, considering them in the light of the different methodologies surveyed in the first part.

Assessment: Essay 1 (5,000 words) 50% and Essay 2 (5,000 words) 50%

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