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School of History

HST6329 - The Germans and the Jews since 1871

A look at the turbulent relationship between Jews and Gentiles in Germany over the past century and a half.

Module code: HST6329

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Daniel Wildmann

In the period covered by this module, from 1871 to the present, interactions between Gentiles and Jews in Germany underwent a dramatic and unprecedented set of upheavals. What were the main problems, struggles and achievements in this period of German-Jewish history? This module will initially focus on debating the chances and limits of emancipation and assimilation of Jews in Imperial Germany and on discussing the so-called Jewish Renaissance in the Weimar Republic. A survey of the expansion and the role of antisemitism and its political manifestations in German society will provide a platform for studying the Nazi take-over of power and the Holocaust. The module concludes with the post-war history of Jews in Germany, addressing contemporary challenges such as the integration of Russian- speaking Jews and the future of German Jewry. Students consider the ethical questions that arise when approaching a challenging area of historical enquiry, and learn to identify information needs appropriate to different situations. They develop professional and informed attitudes, which enable them to evaluate the contemporary issues of emancipation, assimilation, and acculturation in a historical context.

Assessment: Source Analysis 25% and Essay 75%
Level: 6

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