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School of History

HST6770 - A History in Objects


Module code: HST6770

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Eyal Poleg

Did the introduction of beer usher-in the modern era? What does Charlemagne's moustache tell us about royal power? And what can X-raying a book tell us about Henry VIII's court? Objects are becoming common in historical analysis. This module will explore the material culture of the Middle Ages and early modernity to shed new light on life, belief and power. Introducing students to material culture and its historical analysis, students will handle medieval shoes and arrowheads, consult medieval manuscripts and some of the world's rarest books, to question the cult of power in the Middle Ages, transformations of technology and society, and the transition between the Middle Ages and modernity. The module would be taught in collaboration with leading museums and laboratories, where you will learn about the work of curators, heritage science and public engagement. This module MUST be taken in conjunction with HST6700 History Research Dissertation.

Assessment: Essay 1 12.5% Presentation 12.5% Blog Post 12.5% Draft Essay 12.5% Essay 2 50%

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