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School of History

HST5116 – From Muhammad to the Ottomans: A History of Medieval Islamic Societies

Module code: HST5116

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Anna Chrysostomides

This module offers an introduction to the history of medieval Islamic societies, from the rise of Islam up to 1500 AD. It will follow the major political events in the history of the Muslim community, and explore the development of key religious trends, cultural concepts and social institutions. The module will highlight the range of literary, artistic and scientific achievements of medieval Islamic civilizations. By using critical historical tools for examination of the Islamic past, it will seek to draw a multi-dimensional picture of complex and dynamic societies. Students will reflect on the religious, cultural, and social history of Islamic societies, and analyse traditional and modern narratives of Islamic history.

Assessment: Seminar Participation 25%, Essay 75%
Level: 5

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