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School of History

HST6399 Impacts of Empire: Global Connections that have Shaped Modern British History

Module code: HST6399

Credits: 15

British History is undergoing constant reappraisals and reinterpretations. This module interrogates how connections to the wider world and empire shaped important trends in the nation’s history. Beginning with the American Revolution and the debates it provoked over Britain’s constitution, this module explores important themes such as the growth of the popular press in reporting imperial crises, protest cultures from international dissidents to anti-Apartheid movements, and the movement of peoples from Windrush to Ugandan Asian Refugees. Making use of a variety of primary sources, from seditious pamphlets to oral interview archives, this this module allows students to recover minority and marginalised voices while reappraising Britain’s national story through the lens of political, cultural and social histories.

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