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School of History

HST5391 - A Century of Extremes: Germany 1890 - 1990

Module code: HST5391

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Joseph Cronin

This module provides a systematic account of German history in the twentieth century. It aims at a better understanding of the major developments in society, politics, culture, and economy which shaped the country up to today. Students will reflect critically on contemporary issues in Germany, on the burden of the German past, and on the place of Germany in Europe. In the beginning, special attention will be paid to the origins and consequences of World War I, the challenges facing the Weimar republic, Hitler's rise, the National Socialist Regime, World War II, and the Holocaust. The module then turns to the Allied occupation, Germany's division into two states on opposing sides of the Cold War, the Westernization of the West and Sovietisation of the East, and the unexpected reunification. Class readings include historical research and original sources as well as some literary texts and films. Different approaches, arguments, and controversies will be presented.

Assessment: Take Home Examination 50% Essay 1 25% Essay 2 25%
Level: 5

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