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School of History

HST6301 - Cold War America 1945-1975

Module code: HST6301

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Professor Mark White

This module will examine the major developments in United States history from the end of the Second World War to Watergate. The issues to be covered include the onset of the Cold War, McCarthyism, civil rights, the Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam, 1960s culture, Watergate, and the institution of the presidency. The roles played by key individuals, such as John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Richard Nixon, will be explored. Declassified documents will be used in analyzing some of these topics. The module aims to develop students’ basic knowledge of this era in American history, to hone their analytical skills, to develop their ability to examine documentation, and to heighten their ability to respond to historiographical debates. Students will develop an understanding of the global impact of American politics, from the Vietnam War to the Civil Rights Movement, and will compare international perspectives.

Assessment: Essay 50% and Exam 50%
Level: 6

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