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School of History

HST6749 - The Holocaust and its Aftermath in Film and Literature

Module code: HST6749

Credits: 60
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Daniel Wildmann

The Holocaust is the defining event of the mid-twentieth century and its aftermath shaped the history of Western Europe. This QMUL Model module takes a broad approach to the study of this cataclysmic episode. In the autumn term we examine Nazi policy towards the Jews between 1933 and 1945. Our investigations focus on questions of the legitimization of physical violence towards Jews, room for manoeuver and personal responsibility of the perpetrators, as well as reactions and forms of resistance against the persecution policies among the Jews. In the spring term we analyse - based on juridical forms of dealing with the past - visual and literary attempts of confronting and coming to terms with the Holocaust. Central to this debate are films and novels from Germany, the UK, the USA and France and Israel, such as the crime novels by Philip Kerr or Quentin Tarrantino's film 'Inglorious Basterds'. We take a closer look at ideas of morality during periods of dictatorship and genocide and examine concepts of justice. 

Assessment: Source Analysis 6.25%, Essay 1 25%, Essay 2 18.75%, Dissertation 50%
Level: 6

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