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School of History

HST6764 - Pakistan and the Politics of the Past

Module code: HST6764

Credits: 60
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Chris Moffat

Pakistan was born in 1947 out of the partition of India, and split again in 1971 following the liberation of Bangladesh. Histories of conflict and loss have left their mark on Pakistani politics and culture. But so too have they been repressed in a nationalist narrative that celebrates Pakistan as a ‘new Medina’, a homeland for South Asia’s Muslims. This Special Subject approaches ‘history’ as a terrain of struggle in Pakistan. It traces how different ‘pasts’ has been mobilised, by the powerful but also by marginalised communities, exploring why these contests matter for Pakistan’s present and its possible futures.

Assessment: Literature Review 10%, Essay 25%, Source Analysis 7.5%, Exhibition Proposal 7.5%, Dissertation 50%
Level: 6

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