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School of History

HST6411 - Decolonisation and History

Module code: HST6411

Credits: 15

What does it mean to ‘decolonise history’? In this module, we will consider the contemporary demand to 'decolonise history' from a historical perspective, exploring how history as a practice - historical thinking, history making, history writing - has operated as a key terrain in the struggle against empire. The module explores how the questions of who gets to narrate history, in what form, and to what audience, became crucial to the struggles for and against colonisation and empire. The module will also introduce you to the ways in which the movement for decolonisation remade what history might be, and what it might do in the world. We will explore the various forms that the relationship between history and decolonisation have taken in the past, and think about the contingency of the forms that relationship takes in our present.

Assessment: Book Review 25%, Essay 75%
Level: 6

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